Integrative Nutrition 

The human body is far more intelligent than we give it credit for. It knows when we are sick, and it knows exactly what it needs in times of duress, and without the right supply of minerals and nutrients it cannot begin to heal.  Ben Robinson firmly believes that food, unlike modern drugs, is medicine that will lead to lasting health. He believes miraculous things can be accomplished by all of us, despite our current weight, levels of fitness or health if we maintain a positive outlook and the correct nutrition.  Modern drugs are merely Band-Aids, and often lead to nasty side effects and other illnesses. Filling our bodies with synthetic drugs made in factories, and not with the correct nutrients that have been given to us by Mother Nature is often a recipe for disaster, and this cycle has become our modern tragedy.  Our society has not been conditioned to think of food as a cure. We don’t respect it, or even plan our meals very far in advance. And why would we? So few of us were ever taught how to eat, or which food combinations work best.

In fact, only an alarming 5% of doctors have taken any courses to learn about nutrition. This is for one simple reason: there isn’t much money in selling plant based foods and mineral water. Big Pharma is the way to riches in today’s medical field, and that is where the tide has gone. It is called the practice of medicine for a reason, but drugs are quickly becoming a leading killer in America.  

It is incredible what certain foods contain, which nutrients our bodies crave in times of illness or distress. Ben has personally made it his responsibility to focus people on a more nutritious diet to lose excess weight that has plagued them for years, to recover from addiction, to get over diabetes, high cholesterol levels, high-blood pressure, even cancer.

Food is simply miraculous when administered with proper guidelines, and Ben Robinson is qualified as a Certified Health Consultant from the revered Institute of Integrative Nutrition, where he learned how our bodies will heal, and how they thrive, if only they were fed correctly.  To learn more, click here